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Ichimaru Gin
09 January 2010 @ 09:09 pm
Player Information

Name: Ena
Age: 23
AIM SN: luthienabler
email: luthiena_the_potato_queen@yahoo.co.uk
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yep yep
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? A lot of my friends play here

Character Information

Canon Source: Bleach
Canon Format: Anime / Manga
Character's Name: Gin Ichimaru
Character's Age: It's never stated for certain, but over 100
Conditional: N/A
What form will your character's NV take? Gin's NV will take the shape of a snake, as this is how he describes himself in canon. A cold blooded reptile who feels no emotion.


Character's Canon Abilities: The first, and most important of Gin's abilities is his zanpakutou, or spirit sword. Gin's zanpakutou has two releases - a shikai (first release) and a bankai (second release). His shikai is released with the phrase 'Ikorose', or 'Shoot to Kill' and this causes the blade to extend at a rapid speed capable of propelling back huge objects, or slicing through a number of opponents at once. His bankai was believed to be an extension of his shikai, with greater length and speed to his blade. However, the most recent canon has shown that the greatest ability of his bankai is to break a shard inside whoever he pierces, which then excretes a deadly poison throughout the victim.

He is a master wielder of his blade, and his movements often seem effortless even when swinging such a long-ranged weapon. A zanpakutou is also used in the work a Shinigami, which is to 'purify' evil spirits (Hollows) or send dead souls to their next existence in the Soul Society.

Secondly, he would be able to use high level attack and defense kidou spells; these are incantations which focus the spiritual energy into either a weapon, defense or binding. For example, known kidou spell are 'Red Flame Cannon' - which is an attacking kidou, or Six Rods of Light Prison - which binds the enemy into complete paralysis.

As a captain he would be an expert at shunpo (flash-steps), which are a way of using spiritual power to make the body move much faster than it normally should be capable of. This sometimes can give the impression of vanishing in one place and reappearing in another. Another of Gin's abilities is his intelligence, he completed the academy training in only a year at a very young age and is constantly seen to be effortlessly manouvering others into mind-games and traps.

Finally, one of Gin's more formidable attributes is his spiritual pressure. As a high-level Shinigami captain, his sheer presence is enough to paralyse a lot of enemies and shock others.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A

Weapons: Gin will bring his zanpakutou, Shinsou. The abilities of this weapon are described in 'canon abilities' above.


Character History: Not much is known about Gin's early childhood, his family or where he comes from. It can be safely assumed he is from Rukongai (the poor districts of Soul Society) as one of the first known things he did was save Matsumoto Rangiku from starvation. The two became friends and, as a consequence, hurting her is one of the only things he seems to truly regret about his defection.

He was hailed as a child prodigy, completing the gruelling Shinigami Academy in only one year, and attaining a seated officers position straight away. Soon afterwards he killed the the 3rd seat of the 5th squad, who he deemed worthless, a feat which should have been far beyond someone just out of the academy, let alone a child. This act was covered up by Aizen, who saw the boy's potential to ruthlessly commit cold-blooded murder for his own gains, and decided to harness it for his own devices.

Throughout the following years of serving under Aizen, he assisted in the plans to create a hollow/shinigami hybrid using the Hougyoku (a spiritual jewel created by Urahara Kisuke), and helped choose the two malleable young recruits who would serve under himself and Aizen. After becoming a captain in his own right, he took command of Third Division with Kira Izuru as his lieutenant. No doubt using his cunning skills at mind-games, he soon made sure that Kira's loyalty was secure - even to the point where he would betray his own long-time friends for his captain.

After betraying Soul Society and 'ascending' to Hueco Mundo (the land of the Hollows), Gin is shown to be quite restless. He spends his time teasing the serious Tousen, or tagging along behind Aizen. He is Aizen's constant shadow, and his most deadly assassin, and up until the most recent manga he was shown to follow his plans to the letter. However, now it seems time for his own long-running plans to come into effect... an assassination of his former captain. He spent years gaining trust and confidences, until he finally learned how to negate the powers of Kyouka Suigetsu, finally using this information to attempt to kill Aizen.

Point in Canon: The end of chapter 414

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality: Gin is an enigma. What he shows on the surface is very rarely who he is underneath, and even what seems to be a glimpse of who he truly is can just turn out to be another game.

On a superficial level, he seems to have little motivation in life beyond amusement, often laying out complex mind-traps for those vulnerable just to see them crack a little more. This is shown well when he offers Rukia her freedom from execution, just to laugh and say he had been joking - his smile widening in satisfaction as she screams. In addition to this, he always manages to give off an unsettling air, despite being polite and friendly. His speech is informal and often has a slightly mocking undertone, and many other characters have been noted to distrust him, even before his defection from Soul Society. In canon, Rukia explains how she feels like she is being suffocated by snakes when he speaks to her, even when his words are polite.

However underneath all this he is much more complex. He certainly displays characteristic of sociopathy, describing himself as a snake without emotion, a cold-blooded reptile who will devour anyone that looks interesting enough. But that's not always the case, especially with Matsumoto he is shown to have had a sincere affection and concern for her well-being. Perhaps one of the best ways to explain a little something more about Gin, is to explain a little about the relationships he shares with the significant other people in his life.

Aizen Sousuke: Aizen has been Gin's mentor since the very beginning, teaching him how to use his cunning intellect and manipulative skills to his best advantage. His intelligence and attitude suggest he is one of the very few people that Aizen considers more than simply a tool. The two often seem to share secret jokes, and it was Gin who Aizen turned to in helping fool Seireitei of his death. However, there is a darker side to this relationship; Gin recently betrayed the man who essentially brought him up, revealing he had been waiting years to find how to negate his powers and be the only man capable of destroying him. His relationship with Aizen perfectly demonstrates his patience and resolved dedication; he waits literally years to be given the one scrap of information that he needs to bring down this man, and decades more to convince him that he is a loyal subordinate.

Kira Izuru: Gin has a complex relationship with his former lieutenant. He somehow managed to turn a confident, friendly and slightly arrogant youth, into a scared, obedient man who flinches at shadows and would attack friends for the sake of his captain. He's been a huge influence over Kira, feeding into his paranoias as well as guiding him into complete subservience. It's not clear how much of this was just a way to pass the time, how much was an act to perfect his various masks and how much was to actually prepare Kira in his own brand of teaching. Whatever the truth is, this relationship is the definition of Machiavellian.

Matsumoto Rangiku: Matsumoto is Gin's oldest friend, and one of the only people he probably truly cares for. He found her starving and stranded on the streets of Rukongai and helped her get strong again. Together the two joined the Shinigami academy and rose through the ranks. As he ascended to Hueco Mundo, it was to her he looked, a rare sincere apology for his actions just for her.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans: At first, Gin will just be interested in gaining a good control of his life here, before attempting to control and manipulate those around him to further his goals... though what those are, are anyone's guess.

Appearance/PB: Set of Icons. and Full size image

Writing Samples

First Person Sample [The video link clicked on to show a silver-haired man in a pristine white uniform; he didn't seem distressed at this unexpected world change, on the contrary he was smiling. Widely.

His voice is nonchalant, and almost deceptively mild.]

Now that ain't nice, taking someone who was busy someplace else. Did yo' mother never teach ya any manners?

Tell yo' what, then. When I find yo', I'll teach them to yo'.

Third Person Sample Only a moment before he had been in Aizen’s throne room, the temperate climate of Las Noches giving way abruptly to a cold biting wind and flakes of snow that rested on the eyelashes of perpetually closed eyes.

A variety of reiatsu signatures jumped out at him, both familiar and not, a mish-mash of souls that should not, by rights, be all in one place. Oh good. He did so like it when order was turned on its head, it provided for such fun games.

There was a brief moment when he considered who had brought him here and for what purpose, but in the grand scheme of things it was relatively unimportant. They would be sure to reveal themselves before long, and then Gin would teach them what a large mistake they had made in dragging him here. Especially as he still noted he had Shinsou at his hip, the zanpakutou thrumming with just as much anticipation as him.

Until then there was a whole world to explore, a whole new set of people to discover and play with. Who knew, perhaps he would find toys as interesting as Izuru? Lips stretching wider in his ever-present smile, he tucked his hands into the bell-sleeves of his uniform and ventured out into the hallways to see what he could find.
Ichimaru Gin
08 September 2009 @ 01:41 am
The night was cool but Gin barely noticed, just watching from the shadows as the light was still lit in the third squad barracks fukutaichou's office. He found that fascinating~

So, even though his former lieutenant had been promoted to Captain now, he still didn't move into the taichou's office?

Old ghosts? Old memories? A lingering sense of fear?

With a smirk, he silently crossed the distance to the darkened window of his old office, slipping through and into the familiar space.

Lighting the lamp, he beamed when he saw his old haori hadn't even been moved from the peg behind the door. Slipping on one of the spare uniforms in the cupboard, and shrugging the haori over his shoulders, he sat on his desk chair and put his feet up on the desk.

"Izuru~" He called out, an exact replica of so many days gone by.

This would be fun.
Ichimaru Gin
15 August 2009 @ 05:12 am
This is a HMD for psychoticsilver. Anon commenting is on and IP address logging disabled.

If I have somehow not managed to either turn off IP or turn on Anon, please let me know, I have a sponsored account so all my instructions are in Russian and I had to guess.